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Some more detail about the systems in Legion. Make More Gold Before Legion Drops
So this video is basically just talking about some of the neat things that were announced for the new expansion, and since doing list videos is kinda my thing, I thought it only made sense [More]
World Of Warcraft announced their next expansion Legion today at Gamescon and I thought it’d be fun to record my live reaction and give my thoughts on the new features being added to the game, [More]
AzChats returns to discuss to announcement today of the new WoW expansion LEGION !! Make Gold Before Legion Drops
A rundown of all we know so far! Make Gold Before Legion Drops
You can make tons of easy quick gold from flipping Exotic Leather in WoW 6.2 WoD. Guide is for Leatherworking Profession. You make Misthide Leggings and vendor them for a bunch of gold. Make easy [More]
WoD falls to a 10 YEARS low of 5.6 million subscribers.
Let the mists flow with the mistweaver, with Blizz making some reasonable attempts to cut the rng from the spec while making the interactivity more compelling.
Xhul’horac, Hellfire Citadel strategy guide brought to you by FATBOSS